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    house md critical cases

    i can not see all the colleagues that play on the list to send gifts to and i know i'm not on everyone's lists either. is there a setting i have my account on that blocks that, or is it a glitch? if its a setting, how do i fix it? also, i can only do a coop investigation once about every 3 days or so. i did one for one account on monday and last night was the first time i could get back to investigate their scene again. it's that way for all of them. i just did that one on monday so that i could see how long it took. the counter keeps resetting itself to 24 hrs. please help! thank you!

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    I am experiencing the same problem about gifting.

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    Hello, leo4life32486 -- have you sent a report in to Support to let them know about this problem? If not, could you please see the information at the following link about doing so? . Thank you very much for your help in assisting us in solving problems!

    House MD Team

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    add me please
    need neighbours

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