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    Will the multiplayer gaming be platform-restricted? Or will PC-players be able to team up with Xbox and PS3 gamers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelbraid View Post
    Will the multiplayer gaming be platform-restricted? Or will PC-players be able to team up with Xbox and PS3 gamers?
    There are very few games out there that actually do cross-platform matches.
    The only games I can name of recent are Portal 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive before they took that feature out.


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    To be honest, I like the fact it is only 6 v 6. This game has an emphasis on working as a team and using tactics, and that may be a bit hard once you have over 6 players on your team. Like someone mentioned before, BF3 for large scale FPS online, and this game for small, tactical FPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuZZ33 View Post
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 PC has dedictaed servers, you can set up your own server, no third party hosts required, you have full control. As Activision/Devs have said, public is for progression and private is for control. We have yet to see what GRFS PC has to offer, but it looks like GRFS PC will have Ubisoft's matchmaking (aka dating channel, hahaha!).

    One part of your statement is true.......they have dedicated servers but the server file will not allow you to have control. Plus......the dedicated servers are not ranked so most don't play on them. The way the file is written their is no RCON tool for the servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelbraid View Post

    Making comments like those above based on assumption is not good stewardship of "freedom of speech". Sure, you have the right. But the message and intent is lost in the whining... unless whining is the message. Then, I would say, the message was well-communicated...

    Rumor: a statement or report current without known authority for its truth

    Opinion: a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter

    By the above defintions........most have knowledge that a game without dedicated servers in the PC do not do well. Most do fail with a few exceptions. Most everything quoted in opinion and that is healthy for all to voice in a public forum. I am not a fan of rumors myself as they usually cause destruction.

    With all said, most gamers posting negative comments are most likely just disappointed that gaming companies are not supporting their PC games......that is all...

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