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    Unhappy Rayman Origins: losing my saved games

    Hello everyone. I bought Rayman Origins on Steam, but I'm having trouble saving the game. I go out of the game, usually through the menus, when I come back the saves are no longer there. Someone imagines what might be happening?
    Already uninstalled the game and reinstalled, still have a problem.

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    Hello DouglasPacheco

    What happens sometimes is when the data is saved it may become corrupted and will cause unwanted issues in the game itself.

    Unfortunately the only way to fix this is to clear out the save file completely and start fresh. You can clear the save file by going into your Documents folder in the Start Menu. In there you will want to open your My Games folder to find the Rayman: Origins folder.

    Inside the Rayman Origins folder you will see the Savegame folder which will have the save file you need to delete.

    One of the main reasons for saved data corruptions is background software running on your system. It may interfere with many of the aspects of the game including the save process.

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    Thank you for your attention.
    I did your suggestion, I accessed the folder of saves and it was there. Deleted everything, restarted the game but after turning off the PC, the save was lost again.
    By testing, I cloned the save to Savegame_1 and Savegame_2 and I went into the game. They appeared, but the first slot is still empty!
    I don't know if the problem is only with the slot1, I'll try to save in other slot and see what happens, post the results here.

    Sorry for the bad English and thanks for your help.

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    The second slot is ok!

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    I am glad you go it up and running.

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