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    Uss Iowa Departing for War patrol!

    Well, about as close as we'll ever get again!
    Follow the progress of the USS Iowa down the West coast as she heads for her new home.

    Live Webcam:

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    Shes delayed, was supposed to leave today but big waves and winds are causing a delay. I live down in LA, am going to (fort Macarthur) to watch her come in. Should be AWESOME to see her out in open water for probably the last time.

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    She leaves tomorrow around 3PM. Going under the Golden gate Bridge on her 75th birthday. Expected to take up to a week to get down to the port of Los Angeles. Ill be at Fort Macarthur watching her tow in.

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    The USS Iowa went out under the Golden gate bridge today. And is now out in open water. Should be here on Tuesday. I really hope I get to see her out in open water. This really could be the last time a ship of this type takes a journey like this.

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    Have you seen it, get some pics and post them. Yea, I go to Charleston alot and the DD Laffney was finally returned, we get DD's, you get BB's....
    I'll keep trying the webcam, not working right now for me.

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    I am heading out now by way of boat to see her. Will post pics when I can.

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    Well went out and saw the Iowa while she was at anchor about 4 miles out of Los Angeles harbor. Then just this last weekend we went and took a tour of her! So awesome. Even though they only have very small portions of the ship open for tours, it was cool. Seeing the big guns up close and the armor around the CIC was the best parts. If youve never been on a battleship I HIGHLY recommend it.

    If someone can instruct how to post pics I will do just that.

    Does anyone know of any good forums/websites like here to discuss surface ships?

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