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    Goodbye Great Forum

    Hi people, yes it is me Dave.

    I was just today banned from this forum, I have been trying to get banned for quite some time and it finally happened.

    I want to take some time and say goodbye to a community that I truly loved.

    First of course to the two admins widow and Mr shade, I think you are both terrific and have done the best with a bad situation in dealing with peoples problems with ubisoft. I don't think anybody else could have done a better job with this forum. Thank you and it was a joy being on your forum.

    Next to the people I have met here; Thank you so much for putting up with me and those of you who got my humor had fun with me. people like JTS and kaiyoto and so many others that I will never remember in time.

    The early days of this forum with Kristian and astlan and starscream, ted and oblivion and its even been so long that there are those from the beginning i cant even remember. i became a part of this community when i joined the outcast templars and rose to a leadership position there and had so many great times with them, I will always thank those guys for letting me in even if it did end badly.

    To the other clans i wasnt in but always respected. reckoners- the casual clan that is all about friendship and having fun, love ya guys. To the Borgia Rejects even though no longer around had the best FFA players you could imagine, you guys were great. To VVA i always respected you guys as the xbox version of the clan Me and some friends created called Abstergo elite.

    Thank you everybody for making this a good expireince for me. I will miss most of you and I wish you all the best.

    If you want to find me i'll be on PSN-Dave0718 and on on the BF3 forums full time from now on, Oh also on twitter @dave0718 and skype-dave0718


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    Peace man, the forums aren't as they used to be I guess

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    AC3 perhaps.

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    Sorry to see you go, Dave.

    You will be missed.

    Well, you'll be missed by the people mature enough to get past your spiky exterior, at least. Maybe not so much by some of us...

    EDIT: Updated my sig as tribute to the loss of a valued member of the community.
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    I still think Dave needed to learn some respect and humility.

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    sorry, man... but i'm gonna have to close this topic. hope you understand.

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