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    Rabbids in Bwaaack Screenshots

    Hi there!

    You like the new Rabbids in Bwaaack items?
    You like to put radioactive stuff all over your map?
    You like the new outfit?

    Show us what you can do with the new items by posting your BEST Rabbids in Bwaaack screenshots on this thread!


    - Take a screenshot of your game, Farm or City environment in full screen mode (use Prt Scr. from your computer keyboard),
    - Upload the image somewhere to get a URL for it ex:
    - Add it in your post with [IMG] [/IMG] tags in the thread below, just like this: [IMG] ***insert your image URL here*** [/IMG]

    We will showcase the best pictures on our fanpage!

    Have fun!

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    FIRST! xD

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    Nice Farm ZanaKure!

    But where are your "Rabbids in Bwaaack" items? I don't see them in this screen shot

    Have you uploaded the right picture?

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