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    RIP LaDonna Gaines ... aka Donna Summer

    Rest in Peace my dear.. and thanks for the memories..

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    Sad loss. She was way ahead of her time. Rip.

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    She'll get a lot of haters posting about her because she was part of the Disco era. But she was one of the few who endured beyond the fad. Why? Because she had pipes (unlike 80% of the Disco Frauds), she could perform LIVE not just lip synch and she had a sense of class. I hated the Disco era and the stupidity it produced but I never hated on her she was true artist who if born a decade earlier would've given Aretha a good run for her money


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    Its not just the melody or lyrics that make music memorable, its also what was going on around us when the music was playing that counts.

    Although I'm mainly a Motown guy, I had some very, err, ,,,,how should I put it....., 'pleasant experiences', while disco was playing so I won't trash the music or the era.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to dust off my white three piece suit, black silk shirt with the huge collar, platform shoes and puka shells. Then I'll fire up my van, you know, the one with the diamond shaped bubble windows and shag carpet...

    And don't worry, I haven't forgotten the 8-track player...

    ...Everybody was kung fu fighting.....
    ...Their hands were fast as lightning....
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    Need a Match-book to get the 8-track lined up?


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    What did you say Worf? I can't hear you over the blasting K.C. and the Sunshine Band!

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