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    Guys calm down this is an ALPHA or BETA screenshots is really...
    Prince will be different im sure of it!

    EGYIPT is so cool i always wanted to see EGYIPT in AC or in PoP... or ancient Mayan-s

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    Quote Originally Posted by stargate55555 View Post
    I wish they made another PoP like Warrior Within as that was my all time favorite. Superb story, weapon upgrades, collectibles.
    The Story was bad... because T2T ruined-it...
    Kaileena created the sand of time and everything and she dont know how looks like dahaka...
    Kaileena was the worst "Girl" in PoP games....

    popww "prince" was cool

    Warrior within Would be good game if the Real ending would be the first ending when you kill that irritating kaileena..

    not to mention TWO THRONES the super EPICFAIL game... prince 3 and Two Thrones was the WORSt PoP game.

    PoP 2008 "prince" was irritating as hell he was a pervert alcolholic dude.. he even changed Elika to pervert...

    I WANT a NEW PoP game WITh REAL COLD PERSIAN fighter just like real ancient times...!

    not that kid,slime,dribbler,emo PoPT2T prince...

    Best story was in PoP2008...
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    Seriously, i hope the game keep on that direction, with the black and strong prince. Im enought of the slim one, how many times we played with this almost gay prince...
    And Egypt is really cool, it will be awesome to explore this new landscape/ scenario.
    Maybe you guys are just a bunch of purists and alarmist people that fear change. Can not wait to see more of this new pop or whatever name it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grafferu View Post
    This is the original artwork made by that Ubisoft artist
    The similarities are obvious and he looks cool, BUT that doesn't mean it's fit for a POP game. Gilt's right, I'm sick of the same AC-like environment in every game. POP used to be so different from all the other videogames, it used to SET standards, not copy them from others

    This is AC artwork, on white emblem are marked initials of Assassin's Creed.
    But I hope the new PoP is not set in Egypt, although in 500 bc the Persian empire also included Egypt. It may be interesting as a location, but it is not suitable for PoP.
    I hope with all my heart that the story of the reboot is only a rumor.
    A new reboot would be the end of this series.

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    Get Tuitt Talks About Assassin's Creed3 and Prince of Persia

    My thoughts on the Assassin’s Creed 3 PS3 exclusive content and the rumored Prince of Persia reboot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gimiz View Post
    Interesting screenshot Valentin, got more ?
    yes, a ton ahahahhahah!!!! why do you ask?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blueobelix View Post
    yes, a ton ahahahhahah!!!! why do you ask?
    All you must do is ask, the asking is yours xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by POP1Fan View Post
    All you must do is ask, the asking is yours xD
    If you would have YOUR wish, THEN give me MINE!!!

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