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    Theme of assassins creed 2

    I downloaded a theme of assassins creed 2 at, the cost was 10 uplay pionts, but when i check my ps3 i never recieve the assassins creed 2 theme, can someone help me please

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    Hi, i'm not seeing the AC2 theme as being redeemed on your account. Try accessing Uplay directly from the main menu of your game on the PS3 and see if the theme is available for redownload. If not, Can you PM me with the Uplay account username or email that you have linked to your PS3? Once I can find the account, I should be able to help you with your issue a little better.

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    can u help me im havin troble with ac2 theme on xbox?

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    I seem to be having the same problem

    Hi, I have also attempted several times to download the theme, but for an unknown reason, it won't work - please help me out? Just for reference, I possess the game on PS3

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    Did you redeem the theme directly via the Uplay browser on the PS3 (found at the main menu of your game)? PM me the Uplay account username and I will take a look at it for you.

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    Same with me i downloaded the theme for AC2 and ACB but neither of them are showing up on my Xbox 360 console. I did buy it via the in-game uplay plugin.

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    my uplay from xbox is not opening,showing upay has a problem bla bla 'though i reedemed the theme from pc uplay but cannot download as from xbox uplay isn't not opening

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    ps3 assassin's creed 2 theme and throwing knife

    hi i am having the same problem with the theme and the knife my username is slayer00dead can you please help me

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    Unable to get the ACII PS3 theme

    Hey, I have the same problem. I tried to redeem the ACII theme for my PS3. First I tried from my PS3, but I was unable to redeem it. Then I tried from the Uplay PC client - which seemed to work, but when I try to get the theme for my PS3, I still get nothing. 10 Units well spent Please help!!
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    Hi guys, please contact Technical Support or PM a member of support.

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