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Thread: Splinter Cell Double Agent MP (If Still Active On There Please Read) | Forums

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    Splinter Cell Double Agent MP (If Still Active On There Please Read)

    Okay, so sick am I of people not switching sides after a game and I have had it with the map Boss House and I miss the Spies V Mercs (shame they shut down Chaos Theory) so if there are players out there that are on these forums could you please reply to this and see if we can set up some private matches?

    I'm definitly not as good as I used to be so please minde me if you get me on your team. I wasn't involved with the community on here until conviction but I had played some competitive matches with friends of mine back in the day. I have never complained when I loose on here since I loose to really good players that know what stealth is.

    I'm on Xbox, my gamertag is in my sig

    It will be greatly appreciated if you guys respond and or play with me on here.
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    I know what you mean, I'm still playing DA SvM, theres usually a couple of games but theres quite often a no games found message. The only map people seem to want to play is boos house for some reason and always full of whiney 12 year olds just wanting to be spy and not switch. They don't seem to realise that it is the hardest map for spies out of them all. Mercs win 95% of boss house games due to it being so small. Met a couple of good players on last night and we all cycled ever round and went through every map. Merc side literally always won lol. Was still fun all the same.

    But yer I hate people that dont swap, and just spam the switch sides button if they join on merc. I would be happy to play if your ever on

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    I will also add. Ill buy the game back if people are still playing.

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    If anybody's on right now. Im playing and streaming. hit me up on GT: Sofantastick. and the stream is at Ill be playing this alot more so, send a friend request.

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    Well, I don't know where to post this stuff, but I decided to share some SC DA marketing plans
    It's quite old but it's kinda interesting to see the process the development from this side

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    its a horrible, horrible game, boring and completely eliminates the stealth element of the game.

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    i upload regular scda montages and content

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    Add me on oII Jaybles IIo im on 360 =)

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    I still play this game a good amount. Trying to build a community for when blacklist drops. Involving tutorials, podcasts and, really good people playing the game to show newer players the ropes. This is the only way our community will stay alive and continue to grow. That's one of the reasons CT was feared by newbies. Gt: SoFantastick

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