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    lost patient

    i have had no critical caes patient for a couple of weeks now. the bed is empty and when i click on the whiteboard it says ressucitate patient (which does not exist). it wont let me start the case again or move on to another case. i have completed all the caese and am currently trying to redo them. please sort this out as i cannot move on till i get my patient back. if this carries on much longer i shall no longer be playing this game as there isnt much point if i cant progress in the game.

    thank you

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    I too am experiencing this issue. It is to obtain a 3rd star for the 1st critical case. Patient needed recussitating over and over, then vanished when I came to re-log the next day after loosing patience!

    I have already submitted that "survey" you have posted to report bugs, so I cannot re- send. This was made weeks ago.

    Please reply or at least aknowledge that you know about this issue / have read about it.

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    This sounds like a bug -- I recommend that you try contacting support directly. Here is a link to show you how to do that:

    Hopefully they can get this fixed.

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