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    Gameinformer says 12 player online...what happened to 16 players 8v8?

    ...Is this just a typo or info based off the beta or will it only be 6v6 like the game your trying to be like?

    If it is accurate, you took away Searchable Customizable lobbies, you took away ALL those game modes and replaced it with just 4, 10 maps at launch when all the other RECONs had 16 minimum (GRAW2 had 60 maps w DLC but started off with 20+ if you count the day and night maps), you took away the GHOSTs on both teams and replaced them with two different Factions like Socom 4 tried and made guns factions specific (even if you can choose ONE gun from the opposite faction you can use after you reach 50, wow one gun), you added a bunch of stuff us REAL Ghost Recon Players would turn off when we had searchable customizable lobbies like UAVs, camera guns, and sensors from the original RECON, there is so much intel on the screen at one time it might as well be called In Plain Sight Recon Future Call Of Duty...

    I mean come on, do you DEVs ever take your thumb out of that dark tight wet spot and put it on the thumb of the community and the followers of your games, not to mention the buyers of all your games (even when DLC was free and not pre made stuff you offer later to take our hard earned and hard to find money following your obvious idols model, Call of Duty games) Can yall not see we are tired of the arcade shooters, we want the Ghost Recon we know and love and played till we wore the rubber off our thumbsticks while playing. Yall can easily make a RECON game and still be different than your once only competitor, yourselves, and offer what we who filled your pockets with green duckets instead of just to take that thumb that is in the dark tight wet spot and sticking it in our eye.

    Now I know how all those Socom Vets felt like when Zipper trashed Socom 4 with there version of 3rd person Call of Duty/GoW/Battlefield game.

    Ubisoft yall use to be a power house in the area of shooters now yall are just like ALL the other shooters out there, congratulations. Lets see how long it will be before Ghost Recon is in the bargain bin and people are trash talking your games that once was the trend setter for those games your now trying to be like.

    There was never a UAV in CoD till GRAW 1 did it, they took all yalls great ideas and even made it modern military to knock yall out of the way for 5 years. Now instead of being a trend setter again, yall are followers and lost and will continue to lose respect from people while yall follow the cookie cutter version of the same game that took yalls ideas, yalls shine, and yalls crown.

    Yall use to be king now yall are jacks in the deck of cards we call shooters now.

    Give me a Military Sim style game that is fun to play and you can shove this version of Ghost Recon, if there is room there after your thumb goes pack in its dark tight wet hole, and you can shove it up your....well I think yall know where I am going with that before your forum nazis ban me for doing what we herein the USA like to call free speech and speak our minds.

    Ghost Decon Future Call of Duty...YaY pass the Mountain Dews, Red Bull, and Cheetos its going to be one hell of a ride, the little itty bitty kids will love this game.

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    That's alot to read.. But in anycase, it's 6v6. Primarily it was 8v8 but apparently it was too chaotic. Which I can agree with considering how it is now. People can attack the maps, but it's the style of gameplay they are trying to get people to hone in on.
    Anyhow.. thats the reason im aware of

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    Reading is fundamental.

    8v8 was never chaotic before, they put in CoD sized maps, just FYI.

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    6v6 is chaotic, and the map size is a limitation of the hardware. Player count could have been higher if the game wasn't being run on almost decade old hardware and they were able to expand the maps.

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    Yeah Ill be honest, I read the first little bit but wasn't that interested. I've just read alot of varied complaints, similar to yours. Not knocking you if that's where you're veering after reading that.

    But yeah it's obviously a standard they are trying to impose. You don't remove features unless you are trying to refine something, or set yourself up for a future situation. Anyhow.. I won't load your thread with my views on the overview but it would definatly be too chaotic to have 8v8 in these maps. Just imagine the run and gunner mentality except with 4 extra people in this game.

    Erhm... just a question did you try the beta out?

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    I see what you mean by setting yourself up for future situations. That is why it needs to stop here before it gets to the point the only thing we have to play is CoD and their clones.

    Did I try out the beta?


    I bought Splinter Cell Conviction 2 years ago for the beta, I pre order to make sure I could play the beta, I paid off GuRFiS before the E3 presentation that should shoulder mounted rocket launchers and the ability for one man to link up with their three squad mates and that one guy could move all 4 of you around the map at the same time. \

    You say you didnt read my whole post but what you missed is I have played Recon since it was just called Ghost Recon. I played island Thunder, Desert Siege, Jungle Storm, GR 2, GR2 Summit Strike, Graw 1, Graw 2, and yes I have played the beta everyday it was out.

    For yall who are the "Call of Duty" generation, I dont expect yall to side with my opinions or those of Ghost Recon vets cause yall grew up in the last 5 years playing CoD and are use to BS that is so un-tangible that people and the DEVs have to post videos on how one day in 10 years we will be using this BS in our military combat situations just so we will accept this Future Crap as realistic or viable in a video game.

    I am a Ghost Recon Player, and always will be even after they change it into their version of CoD....even after there is no more Ghost Recon.

    I can only hope they dont Fudge Rainbow Six, cause that might be the only chance we, who like realistic team based strategic tactical warfare in our video games have to hope for.

    But dont you worry none, Black Ops 2 is coming so when it comes out you can go play that and take what yall like about GuRFiS to the next level.
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    erhm, I got a question for you...every tried Ghost Recon out?

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    Well there defiantly is a considerable missing element to Ghost Recon here, and that is the maps. But there are large excuses for this that make a degree of sense. It's obvious they're not trying to push the market too strongly, and that might be a good decision if you spread it out over the next 5 years. If you're looking at it as far as competition goes, it'll put the COD franchise on the side of having to introduce more unique aspects instead of refineing and expanding on the ones previous titles have made. But the sad reality is, tactical shooters, stealth games and related styles are being heavily mixed with gamers who want a here and now style of gameplay. Like number of kills, and explosions every 30 seconds and so on. They don't have their own patience and drive yet to take chances, to screw up and to most importantly make things happen in a game. It sounds incredibly stupid when I write it out, but it's sorta the truth, atleast from my point of view. It's just a game sure, but the style of gameplay is extremely different. So if they want to keep a franchise alive, they might be bending to adhere to the more quick shooting gamer. Tbh I played way to much of that first map in GR when I was younger. I just loved the environment, the patience and Time it took to move from place to place. Setting things up and taking control of areas ect...ect.. It's not here. What's here is an extremely intense in your face game style in close quarters. If you couple this game style, with Ghost Recon's maps for a future release of Ghost recon, you have a brilliant combination. Right now to me GRFS is just grfs. It's fun as hell, but the other aspects are slightly diluted. Whether that is for getting the current gamers up to date on techniques and game styles or some other reasons Idk. But this game isn't a flop, nor a true insult to GR fans. I would suggest mentally hibernating certain wants if you wanted this game to be GR.

    Anyhow, it's difficult for them to keep a particular style of gameplay alive, because common.. look at how society and people go. They want. Now.. now... now... gr was never like that for me. It was a unique game...blah..blah.. you get my picture in anycase. To develop the perfect GR game, ..well theres alot that goes into that. Tbh, we can't knock it completely no matter how it goes. Single player and guerilla mode look immensely fun. If they range anywhere like the original GR, it'll be a dose of a potentially great sequel if the fans now keep the idea alive, and encourage features and methods for the developers to work off of.


    lol, it was an honest question considering when I asked you. Not a child like "do you know what you're talking about" statment trying to trap you mate.. lol...

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    Agree with the OP. Ubisoft is going through an identity crisis, and we are the paying the price.

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    The only thing "ghosting" right now, is 'Ghost Recon' the franchise. I'm waiting for it to peek out of a bush and kill me because I can't find it.

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