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    4 3.28%
  • I somewhat dislike this change.

    12 9.84%
  • I strongly dislike this change.

    96 78.69%
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Thread: Single-Round Conquest: How do you feel? | Forums

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    Quote Originally Posted by CerealBus View Post
    You need to increase the time between rounds. It is not long enough to change a diaper.
    I've had no problem changing my diapers between rounds, are you sure you're fastening the velcro left-to-right?

    (I'm 100% kidding, but I just couldn't resist :P)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshHardenburg View Post
    Doesn't it Always?

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    I would rather conquest to be 2 rounds (probably because I suck at the other mode). If not, an alternative would be to be able to restrict game searches to a specific map

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    snugys pullups fast and ez

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    Two rounds conquest was better. Because now we have to load two times a map, which takes time, plus the waiting between rounds. And the time you spend in loading is time you are not playing.

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    Late to the party... Two rounds of conquest is the way to go if it is up to me. Personally I like the long matches of conquest.

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    I enjoyed the 2 rounds for conquest..... after round one it was like there was something missing.... i lost the round, now i cant fight back D: wheres the revenge!?!?!?!?

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    Every time I see this poll/thread I rack my brain for a valid reason on why they changed it to one round and every single time I can't think of one.

    88.23% of people who voted don't like this change and I'm pretty there are hundreds more who don't like it, but didn't care to vote.

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    I would believe this is an obvious fix for Ubisoft here. If they can not even make this change back when open beta comes out, it would be hard to justify them making any other player requested changes.

    I personally think they will make the change rather hastily.

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