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    Steel Gray Morning...

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    An old one but a favorite. Was a sonar only attack due to visibility, I had to move in quite a bit after it was hit to see the result.

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    Just posting the link appears to override the smaller picture size restriction here.

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    Sunsets I've worked on this year, eventually got to pick a few and get it released.

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    Forgotten Warrior


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    Nice screenies as always, MWolfe.

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    "Forgotten Warrior" is absolutely outstanding! It looks much more detailed in it's larger size over at SubSim.

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    Thanks, Yea I just took one of the games Pearl Harbor destroyed ships and stuck it somewhere in the pacific, tried to adjust it where it looks like it's getting covered up. Think I put a few of these Shipwrecks into RSRD, some even underwater near Savo...Yea, I do lot's of silly stuff.

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