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    Plane attack Japan

    Back to Saipan


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    Those look like Avro Lancaster bombers with American markings. Did they even have the range required to bomb Japan? I think the B-29 had a range of around 3,000 miles, putting it just in range of the empire from U.S. bases.


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    Yep, game uses Lancasters for the US Long Range Bomber, no one can or will fix it, something to do with copyright issues, etc......I know many games use it, not sure what the issue is.
    They did this with several planes in game, including the Wildcat.....guess they have to get permission for the plane builders...

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    I got some odd ones here. It seems adding a mod to increase the destructive power of the torpedoes can have some...odd occurrences.

    It also seems as though the Yamato doesn't like them either,

    Note. These will NOT be in my tribute video.

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    I didnt post this one in my successful patrol thread I just started mainly due to how dark the photo is. But I like it none the less. This is a Kongo battleship listing heavily after my second attack on the task force at night. This screen was taken after the attack and after fog and a storm moved in limiting visability.


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    Nice SS Rus, has a erie feeling about it..

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    Between Escorts and Aircraft it took awhile but it didn't get away.
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    New video card. New boat... USS Haddock.

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