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    Far Cry 2 Key Renewal

    Forgive me if this is a topic everyone is sick of hearing, but here goes.
    I build PCs, gaming PCs to be exact. One of the benchmarks I use for each build is FC2's benchmark. Apparently I have been wiping the HDD after successful builds without remembering to uninstall FC2. Now my key no longer works because of the 5 installation limit. Is there any way I can get the key renewed? The game is a legal copy bought years ago through a retailer, and I am the one and only user of the game. I tried contacting Ubisoft but got no response. Thanks.

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    Anyone? Ubisoft, maybe?

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    Hey Clutchc

    You will need to contact Ubisoft Support ( ) and they will be able to reactivate the key that you have.

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    Thank you for your help. The issue is now resolved.

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    Good to know. I am glad you are up and running.

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