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    Under the map nice

    they get under the map and were shooting people. Now they arehacking feeds and hacking the objectives. Nice bug what is ubisft going to do about that issue???

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    Hacking feeds? GRFS?

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    Just like all glitches -- and this IS a glitch, not a hack -- Ubisoft will work on correcting it. Some glitches are harder to remove than others, but if you let them know about it, I'm sure they'll look into it. Contact customer support via this link.

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    Are you playing on PS3/Xbox 360? If you're playing on a console you're playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Future Soldier isn't Ghost Recon Online.

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    I think it would help if we could get a reply from the OP... in english...

    "hacking feeds" does seem to point to GRFS though...

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