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    2v2 on 2 computer with 2 copies of M&MH?

    Is there anyway you can play 2v2 on 2 computer with 2 copies of M&MH? You can play it on one copy in hotseat mode, but we would like to have a screen for each team, so we don't have to share one. We all own M&MH, but don't want to set up 4 computer in my little dorm room.

    Thank for the coming help

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    No, this is not possilbe (in no HoMM-Version from 1 through 6)

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    If you mean that you have two copies of the game and you want to play multiplayer (not hotseat) ont two computers against AI, yes, it is possible. You just have to change the teams when creating the game. This assumes, though, that you can get through all the conflux/internet bugs. Apparently, Hamachi (or something to that effect) has worked for many people, you might want to check that out.

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    No, he wants to play together with 3 Friends. This is due to the sentence with the 4 Computers.

    An there ist no HotSeat/Network-Combination possible.

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