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    Ghost Recon (Original) Servers

    I have a thread on the Steam Ghost Recon forum that I thought I'd mirror here... I leave old servers that may not currently be up, as these may be listen servers or servers that are only up certain hours of the day...

    Currently the only working Server Browser for Ghost Recon 'original flavor', is Xfire, for those that don't want to install X-Fire (like me) you can use the list below and manually enter servers in the Ghost Recon server list, or by copying and pasting into the game's "options.xml" file.

    I update the list of servers a couple times a year -- this is the last list I had as of 01 January 2011, so almost a year old: Dedicated WXP Borg Hive Medic Station Den Recon Chile FEAR - HOST Heros - 100Mbit Server Force [DK-F]{A&O}Nuraghe* Naked Dwarfs **TEK*SERVER OGR WAR-Zone SóloMatch

    Some of these may be listen COOP servers that go up and down, so don't totally discount them just because you can't connect immediately to a particular server... If anyone that has Xfire that doesn't mind posting an updated list from time to time I'll gladly update this OP... Also should anyone discover another Server Browser that works with Ghost Recon (the original) please post to this thread...

    I've just updated 16 May 2012 with some more recent servers I've found on various forums around the interweb... Another find that many Fans of the original Ghost Recon that strongly dislike X-fire may like is I've recently discovered Xfire Portable which will find most active Ghost Recon (original) servers, but lets you avoid putting all of Xfire's malware on your system in multiple directories and in the Windows Registry.

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    Just out of curiousity, how is Xfire malware? Especially anymore than Steam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aj6627 View Post
    Just out of curiousity, how is Xfire malware? Especially anymore than Steam?
    You're joking/torlling right?

    Server list updated: 15 May 2012


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    thx for the list

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    Ghost Recon PC Server 2002

    We are pleased to advise that a group of dedicated people still play and run a local Ghost Recon (2002 PC Edition) Server in Australia.

    A Facebook page has been established which publishes the server information.

    Last Updated- 28 July, 2012

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    We are pleased to anounce our Ghost Recon Dedi Server is now online!

    Full details HERE.

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    server Ghost Recon


    for more details contact :

    this is a new server

    open Monday to Friday between 12:00 am-15: 00 pm

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    Ghost Recon Dedicated Server

    I have just finished setting up a permanent server for the original ghost recon it is running many mods which can be downloaded from my ftp site by contacting me at . the server will be up 24/7. If possible any donations would help cover the energy cost to run the server. My paypal account is the same as my email address.

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    New Ghost Recon Community dedicated server is up on GameRanger. To play with us, download the client at Everyone is allowed edit server access.

    More to come aswell. Next week there will be launched another server only for COOP games. Location of the servers will also be moved to London, United Kingdom. That will give both americans and EU players good ping.

    In other words, 2 servers will be up 24/7.

    For updates, chatting, reporting issues and questions. See


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    Ok, new dedicated highspeed server is online. Join by IP, or GRCOM.NO-IP.ORG

    Bought parts and did the setup today. Unfortunately my ISP only provides dynamic IP. I think the IP changes very rarely and that it won't be a big problem, but
    use the GRCOM.NO-IP.ORG to join if you suddenly can't connect. Or use it because its easy

    I will update the IP address on my site if it changes.

    Joining through xfire would be nice. Then the server will after a few days show up in the server listings automatically so that everyone can find it

    Looking forward to play with you!
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