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    Couple of videos i have made from this brillaint game ....


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    Excellent videos !!!

    You have inspired me to reinstall this game, thanks

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    Very nice!! It is a brilliant game, best driving game of 2011

    BTW Is this the PC version you're playing?

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    It is a brilliant game, completed the story twice now still plenty to do afterwards as well.

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    Yes I think it's the PC version, I played against him several times online! Was beating his ass Hehe. Just kidding, good player!

    I have made some videos aswell, but nobody wanted to check them out!

    I have filmed the garage mission too - but with a different car

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    thank you guys , for warm words , i play this game a lot pc version , only game i am playing these days (brilliant) if you play it on steering wheel

    if you want to know how to use any steering wheel with this game check this video

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