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    Thinking about buying...

    Hello pilots
    So, I`m thinking about bying this game after watching some videos on youtube. But those videos where quite old, and the commentator was complaining about how buggy and poorly optimized the game was at the time. Allso the sound was terrible compared to the previous games in this series. Is this better now after all the patches?
    And allso, can I use my x-box 360 controller for this game? I dont want to buy one of those flight sticks before I get to try the game, and I assume that using keybord aingt the best for smooth flying.... Am I right?

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    Take a look here, might help you make up your mind, or not.

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    Thanks for the link. Lots of good reading there.
    I now own my first flight sim ever I just set up my xbox controller for now, and it`s working quite well. But I want a flight stick, and allso trackir 5. What is the big diffrence on 5 and 4, since 4 is obviosly cheaper I
    I have no idea what is a good, and what is a bad joystick. Can someone please direct me to some good but not to expensive joysticks? I live in europe by the way...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punk0024 View Post
    Thanks for the link. Lots of good reading there.

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    TrackIR5 has a higher scan rate (quicker and smoother response to your head movement) and a wider field of view on the camera (you can move your head further from center before it stops tracking).

    Joysticks suffer a great deal from user preference, so no one recommendation is going to be reliable, however some good entry level options to consider are:
    Saitek Cyborg, Aviator or X series:
    Thrustmaster T. series or warthog:
    CH Products:

    Remember that anything that costs less that around 35 - 40 Euro is probably junk and you may have to spend over 100Eu to get something that works for you.

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    Track IR 5 is best way to spend your cash if you have it .You will use this device for a decade and it will not 'wear out' T16000M is best joystick for response , accuracy and reliability but Logitech Extreme 3d Pro is most comfortable,anatomical ,has best button layout and strongest spring .

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