Hi there - i did a search to see if i could find something with my problem, but i couldn't so here i go with a new thread.

First of, i could not log onto the forums with the account made on my xbox. It told my to go to the childrens forum.... Only thing is, i am 39 of age Hitting 40 in October....
So i do think i am very old enough to be here.... *lol*
Anyways made a new account so i could post my problem.

I just got this game. Dark Messiah and from the second it turned on, i knew i found a new big love.
UNTIL i came to chapter 2: The Gleam of a cold knife.
I am at the part where i should jump to a ledge by a window.

My problem is that that ledge just isn't there.
I checked youtube to see how others did it, and saw that there really was a ledge. Which naturally confused me since i don't have it. All there is, is a window i can jump onto, but since i get stuck in there, i can't jump onto the other ledge, and end up falling down all the time, having to climb a rope...

Here is a picture:

So does anyone have any suggestions to what i should/could do? besides hoping that the ledge will grow out over night or something