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    A Potential Ghost Recon Online Bug (Please Read Thoroughly)

    Hello everybody,

    I have not been able to play Ghost Recon Online for the past two days at all due to, at first extreme lag, and now my game not successfully launching.

    Everytime I launch I get this error:

    exception detected by bloomberg
    program has crashed. exception caught (access ciolation reading at 0x00000018 at 0x10274BF7)

    After sending this in through Support I was told that my computer does not meet the minimum requirements because computer only had 64MB of dedicated Memory instead of the 200 some MB needed. And that it was probably because of patches and updates being the reason why my computer no longer meets the recommended or minimum settings.

    Let me make this clear, I have played this game since the beginning of CB Phase 1. As far as I know there were no updates over the weekend. My problems just started May 6 Sunday.

    Furthermore after doing some investigation of my computer and trying to increase my low dedicated memory, I was informed by the intel community that certain games misread the memory available on a computer, especially computers using card that can adjust the memory in use. My graphics card an Intel(R) HD 3000 seems to be one of those kinds of graphics cards.

    the preceding post is where i come up with this conclusion.

    Anyway, if anybody has any suggestions besides, taking it up with support (cause i am doing that already) please fill free to post.

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    Volunteer Moderator Cortexian's Avatar
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    Yes, lots of programs misread the available memory for the GPU.

    I noticed you were timing out of TeamSpeak quite often however, were those crashes/internet losses as well? Could there be something else going on that's causing a bunch of issues?

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    There were lightning storms in my area last night and this morning but they seem to be passing and my internet is stable for the time being.

    As far as I know there are no other issue, my computer is up to date, and is fairly new, no more than a month or two old.

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    Let it be known also that my computer, even though a laptop, has ran Modern Warfare 3 just fine. And it also runs Team Fortress just fine as well.

    Furthermore, I am an engineering in training, and I use 3d modeling software and various simulation programs all the time on this computer.

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    Just to throw this out there. As a beta, the game is not yet completely optimized for all the various system types out there. So the fact that you can run the other games and your 3D modeling software means nothing, to blunt. I am assuming that since you have been playing for a while that the game ran fine previously. Has anything changed on your system? Have any new apps been installed, any configuration changes take place, etc... over the last few days?

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    thanks for the bluntness kegaro. but no in all honesty nothing has changed - i haven't downloaded anything new, changed any configurations, nor have i received any updates.

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    I am sooooooo sad, I can only program, do some 3d modeling, and clean my apartment. for i cannot play GRO.

    im so so sad. so so alone.

    im gonna cry.

    i can only listen to my fellow bronies on teamspeak enjoy and play the game.

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    If the error was an access violation it's likely memory related like the error message indicated. It could possibly be an issue with your system memory instead of the graphics memory...

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    i had deleted somethings the first day i had this problem and nothing really changed. and my hard drive is nowhere near full either. i have 592 GB free at the moment out of 700 or 750 GB.

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    i understand what keg is saying, but there is really no excuse for not being able to run this game. intel says i can run all of these:

    three of which i can speak for: MW3, Batman Arkham City, TF2. Then you can add Blacklight Retribution (on high settings) and Tribes Ascend. And all of these except for TF2 has been deleted from my computer due to boredom and me really loving GRO.

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