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    How long are these conflux outages?

    I just started playing HoMM6 and got disconnected after 2 hours and now I can't play. If you're going to use always online DRM please make sure the service is always online.
    Does anyone have an idea how long these outages last?

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    that's what i'd like to know too.

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    Fix Please...very disapointing...

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    I don't remember experiencing outages, only disconnects, then I click on that connect buton again and it reconnects...did you do that?

    If you type b u tt on, it autocensors, hilarious. Part of human body is worthy of censorship now, I really hoped this kind of US-type infantility would not spread.
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    I was on for a very long time and then got disconnected. Tried reconnect twice and it said to check my internet connection. Internet connection was fine but conflux was down. So just quit for the night.

    Conflux outages will kill this game yet.

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    Count your blessings, I can't even log in. I played singleplayer for the first 5 games and by the time I wanted to play a multiplayer Heroes game Ubisoft decided it would not be so.

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    removing conflux it is not in their plans so far. Read the celestial heavens interview and reference about conflux (ok. i cheated, THERE IS NO REFFERENCE ABOUT CONFLUX THERE).
    we have to either keep shouting or submit to this. one clever mind of ubi thought this work to this game and took lots of features even of single player to be conflux-able.
    the short story bro - keep shouting till something happens...

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    I believe I've experienced one outage that lasted several hours. If memory serves it was right around the time that patch 1.2 was coming.

    I've never been disconnected.

    That said, I go through Steam and I am also furiously knocking on wood. From what I read on these boards, I feel I've been dodging bullets.

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