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    Can you please get us some Volbeat...Still Counting!!

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    Hello welcome to the Rocksmith fun , i have never heard this band before and i had to look them up they sound cool i like how they mix different styles of music together i started out thinking it was country music then it went to more punk type and then it sounded like hard rock and roll ,

    i think you may have better luck if you put this suggestion in the DLC wish list thread

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    i was introduced to this song by them and i was blown away mad good song. so i went out and bought a couple of their albums.. and turns out the rockabilly/metal stuff is something they only do a couple times and the rest of their stuff is just boring generic metal
    i went thru and deleted all but their metalbilly tunes, and i like those a lot,
    so ya, i'm totaly down for sad mans tongue.

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    They play this one on the local rock station all the time. I did not know who it was until now.
    Awesome Band to BTW.


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    Wow, some pretty tough chord changes there :roll:

    Note the smiley, just poking fun.

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    Welcome to the Forums
    Please make sure you also add this here so it is counted with the others.
    Rocksmith DLC Band/Pack Wishlist

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    I saw Volbeat on tour just a few months back with Megadeth, Lucana Coil and Motorhead. I knew nothing about them, but **** they were good.

    I know that A Warriors Call is played in D Standard. Not Drop D, so they'll have to add another tuning for that to happen. But I'm all for it!

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    I saw Volbeat open for Nightwish a few years back. They put on an amazing show, especially for having next to no special lighting or equipment on stage. Sadly though... they've been playing everything that's on the radio now since then xD

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    I liked Sad Man's Tongue. Iffy on the second one though. The bass was causing my pant legs to be affected . I'll have to browse the others. Thanks for the link.


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    Thanks to everyone for the links and coments. And a special thanks to the creators of Rocksmith...You people ROCK!!!

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