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Thread: Ultimate Collection AC2 install error (data error (cyclic redundancy check)) | Forums

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    Thanks for that link!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyrmetros View Post
    Thanks for that link!
    No problem! Hopefully, Encore will sort out the issues with this soon!

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    Well, encore contacted me via email and sent me a link to download the game and use my serial code I have from the DVD purchase. It's a 6 gig file, took me 20 minutes to dl from their server. It installed with no issues and I was able to play AC 2 this evening. Just a heads up !!

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    Was anyone else helped out by encore??

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    So Encore is the company I need to harrass ???

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    i, if your ticket hasn't been answered please re-open it by adding more information.

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    I also have not been helped at all by encore i sent in a ticket and they have not responded at all. I even gave them all my information that was needed but i did not know what to put for the ticket information.

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