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    I agree with you on a bunch of things there, Davynelord. Yes, snipers on the other team do force some teamwork, and a good team isn't slowed down too much by snipers. I've done more thinking about limiting the snipers on each team, and I think that would add a ton more to the tactics. Then, the whole team needs to communicate with the snipers to help position them on the tough spots, like "camp that lane while we move up the other one". Also, that would add some strategy with pointing out really dug-in enemies to your team's snipers. Your team would also need to point out enemy snipers' locations to your team's sniper, and then once their sniper is dead, it's a good time to move up. I think it would add an entire new layer of strategy.
    If the other team just has a ton of snipers, even if you try to work together there's not always something that you can do about them. For example, on the metro map, all the other team needs to do is put snipers on each staircase and you are completely trapped behind your small piece of cover, and you can't even lean around to hit enemy assault without the snipers hitting you. If the team could have designated snipers whose job is to counter snipe, you would be able to focus on enemy assault guys. By assault I mean anyone not camping in the back. Instead, what I see is snipers on both sides picking off the guys that their teammates up front could hit, while the guys up front just get killed whenever they try to do anything.

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    Snipers can do 1 thing, Snipe, that's it, you can't assault with the sniper rifle, it's too inaccurate when running or even standing still without the scope, good luck hitting an elephant standing right in front of you. They added a ton of scope wobble which makes it very hard to hit anything now, and now you want them to nerf our damage? I already have to shoot assaults 3 times to kill them, now you want me to have to shoot them 5 times? Why not just put a scope on my SMG and I will snipe with that... seriously, what you are asking for is rediculous. Try playing a sniper and watch how many times you miss, fail to kill a guy with even 2 shots, and get flanked... happens all the time and I should know.

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    i am a Recon sniper and I havent played any other class, I refuse to buy an smg. I believe I am a big asset to any team I am on, there have been countless times I have saved my members from being killed and even more countless times I lead the attack on to a capture point. I have used every Bolt action Snipe riffle in the game and theres only 1 that has a medium 1 shot kill rate and thats the M-200 and you dont get that until lvl 30. Also it fires a 408 Cheytec round wich is just a little bit smaller the a .50cal so Yea its going to hit you hard and might 1 shot you. Most of the time to get a 1 shot kill you have to hit the head and get a nice crit. Recons have a base Health of 100 to a maximum of 120, Specialists have a base Health of 120 to a max of 140, and Assult have a base of 140 to a max of 180. The M-200 base dmg is 131 and generally hit for 124 on most targets, and so far that I have seen has a max NON crit of about 245 and a max Crit of 700. The sniper riffles dont need to be nerfed at all just the person playing the Sniper class just need to learn when to sit and wait and when to rush and Cap. Also we only get 1 shot to kill you when you can just spray the hell out of us so if our bullets do more DMG with a single hit then so be it, we dont need to be nerfed its hard enough as it is with all the flanking and spraying.

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    I am on the fence with this one.

    I think what Snipers need is more diversity.

    The lower caliber snipers (including autosnipers) should have lower damage in the 40-50 range but should also have increased chance to crit upwards of 20-30% once you got a few levels into your gun to represent the armor peircing nature of the gun, bullets, ect ect.

    The higher caliber snipers should of course do more damage but have lower end chance to crit, like shotgun level chance to crit.

    And of course you have everything in between.

    However it's hard to say at this point as we havn't seen all the Sniper Rifles, just looking at the weapon proficiency tab it shows 3 other sniper rifles, 2 of the 50 cal., So we havn't even seen the high damage guns yet. I think the biggest sniper we have now shoots what? A 308. magnum? The M-200

    Anyways I guess we'll just see, i'm pretty happy with the things are but some tweakage needs to be considered.

    Quote Originally Posted by HlGHGROUND View Post
    Snipers can do 1 thing, Snipe, that's it, you can't assault with the sniper rifle.
    Actually you can, and I do.

    SR-25, 1x Open Reflex Sight, Grip, Extended Mags.

    Powerful, cheesy and unconventional. See other thread for details, the noscope accuracy one.

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    The biggest round that is fired from the sniper riffles right now is the 408 Cheytec round, its mucg bigger then the .308 and as far as I know theres only 1 .50 cal and thats the Nemesis .50

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    ok good to know, but I thought the other one was a Fifty too? Not the MK14 ERB but the .....words fail me and I can't look it up at the moment.

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    After playing GRO for a day now i find its already a nice balance between snipers etc...

    I love to snipe myself but i like to mix it up as well but i found that the sniper rifles are not close to being powerful enough as i shot many in the head and they did not die, any rifle shot to the head would be fatal never mind the sniper rifle.

    I found yesterday i kept getting flanked and shot from behind and i thought this was great because its clear its well balanced because of this and the maps don't give advantage to snipers....I have played counterstrike for years and if you have the awp (sniper rifle in counterstrike) its almost unplayable because of the map layouts...I say make the sniper rifles more powerful as they should be and those who don't like snipers just use your head to attack them...don't think cause you have a scope on a assault rifle you are going to be a match for a sniper...that's why there is 3 classes because they all have there good and bad points.

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    HERE HERE! Now we're talking GRO lol

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    This conversation on long range snipers is dumb imo I don't understand why ppl seem to feel the need for snipers to to be like smg recons(which are god **** OP). You all talk about realistic snipers and what not a snipers job is to SNIPE and support the team moving forward if a sniper is in the back and killing ppl then he doing he job it up to the assault and specialist to cap also recon smg if they are present.

    Now next topic nerfing the sniper rifle is redundant it suppose to do ridiculous damage it a god **** sniper rifle they will always and forever IN ANY SHOOTING GAME HAVE THE MOST STOPPING POWER. If anyone even plays any other shooter like cs,bf,mw you would know that snipers also 1-shot in those games as well. Plus in this game the sniper rifle does get reduced by armor on target which no other game has so if your taking alot of damage get the +3-6 armor inserts and you will see a difference in how much damage they do.

    Now i'll switch the topic abit here SMG recons need to be nerfed more imo atm they are far to powerful and very annoying.

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    Put a an adjustable scope and silencer on your LMG, hit aegis and snipe the snipers. Even though you don't one-shot with the LMG you get really accurate semi auto fire which puts out comparable if not better DPS if you can keep hitting the head.

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