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    incomplete graphics BUG

    So I got AC Revelations in the post the other day. Installed on my Windows 7 64bit Gaming Rig, installed all the updates that were prompted by the software.

    When I play the game the menu and intro sequence all appear fine but then when I get to the game to graphics are incomplete. I can only see the eyes of Desmonds and a faint outline of his body. buildings are also partially visible.

    Because this guy Desmond has lost his mind I thought it was just part of the game to start with

    How do I fix it?

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    ok, thanks for your post, it pointed me in kinda the right direction

    There were some 3D settings within the ATI Catalyst software (my graphics card) and they needed all to be set to 'use application settings'

    Working for now, Good Stuff

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