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    AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! What did you think?!

    Saw this bad boy last night and Woahhhhhh.................

    It really dosent hit you until the last hour but it truly is an incredible film. Hawkeye and Black widow are welcome additions to the team!

    You guys seen it yet?

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    Great movie! And agreed, they did a great job with Black widow and Hawkeye this time around! Hulk stole the show for me though

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    I want to see that movie so bad. How was the Hulk in it?

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    the Hulk was my fav of them all! I don't want to spoil it, but he has some of the best scenes in the movie!

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    Already seen it twice. You guys should definately see in the theaters as it deserves the big screen treatment.

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    FredEx919 and Madangry are right:
    Hulk was great.
    I didn't expect much out of him, but he really stole the show.

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    Would you guys be quiet about I the only one here who hasn't seen it yet?

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    Awesome movie, though I'm not too excited about the Ubisoft game. Is it hard to just make a multiplayer co-op horde mode game using the Avengers? Throw in some random objectives throughout the map and so on and so forth? Heck, it could be an XBLA game...

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