View Poll Results: What Are You Looking Forward To In Assassins Creed 3

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  • The Storyline

    30 63.83%
  • New Assassinations

    4 8.51%
  • Multiplayer

    1 2.13%
  • New Weapons

    1 2.13%
  • New Character : Connor

    2 4.26%
  • Other

    9 19.15%
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Thread: What Are You Looking Forward To From Assassins Creed 3? | Forums

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    Senior Member Serrachio's Avatar
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    Personally, I'm looking forward to the continuation of the storyline, though I'd say my second most anticipated feature is the multiplayer.

    I hope they really fix it this time around, as it seems that ACR MP had some good things added, but the majority of it was poorly implemented, and I would like it if the characters stood out more. (no more pick and mix customization and copy and paste animations)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mani60Cent12 View Post
    I am impressed and basically looking forward to everything i have heard about AC3.
    This pretty much.
    -New gameplay mechanics, features, so on
    -New graphics, animations/ techology
    -Little details and everything we've heard so far
    -Hutning, new weather and season system

    I'm looking forward to hearing more.

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    Wow I am truly surprised at how many people look forward to the storyline the most.

    For me, I am looking forward to the assassinations. The storyline is always a cool part of the game, but the assassinations make or break the game.

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    I guess I'm looking forward to the exploration. The new places like NY and Boston. Strolling the streets. Then go hunting in the wilderness.

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    Thanks for all the answers guys, will be working on the article tommorrow and shall post it for all of you and ill be sure to mention you.

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    The conclusion to the modern-day storyline is probably my most anticipated thing about this game.

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    New Story (my vote), new charcater and im interested in the hunting as well
    As well as trolling the streets...probably when I finish the game lol

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    The storyline. Definitely. I'm looking forward mostly to the modern day story and the conclusion of the whole "cycle" as the developers like to call it. Also, the notorious WTF ending we've already got used to, that's a must.
    I don't really care about the historical setting in this case. But I'm looking forward to meeting Connor. From what I've seen of him so far, I think I'm going to like him (maybe as much as Altair and definitely more than Ezio).

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    I picked other since I couldn't pick everything. The story, setting, protagonist, gameplay are all high on my list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneralTrumbo View Post
    I am looking forward the conclusion of the modern-day storyline. ^_^ I hope it is good.
    Well guys, after a poll here and on some other select forums. We have our results and here is the following article

    Hope you enjoy and agree


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