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    Question Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield no video card?

    Hello guys,

    I am trying to run Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield on my notebook, but after launch it says:

    Your video card is not supported.

    I have integrated video card via Intel core i3. It is pretty funny, cause this card is compatible with DirectX 10.1. I can play on it even SWAT 4, Counter Strike: Source, Flat Out 2 etc...

    Yes, when I play any of these games, every of them complains, that my video card is SUPER WEIRD AND NOTHING IS GUARANTEED, but I just click on YES / IGNORE / RUN ANYWAY and it is done.

    All these games are newer that this old classic. So basically Raven Shield HAS TO run.

    HOW TO DISABLE HARDWARE CHECK? Please, help me anybody, I want to get some "real game" after a while.
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    Hey pawell_nub

    The game requires a video card that is powerful enough to run the game on your computer.

    You will need a gaming video card from either NVIDIA or ATI installed on your system.
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    This official answer made me sad, but I understand it. Business isn't in supporting old products.

    Still, when I am looking for some "a bit realistic" special forces simulation, the market looks a bit empty.

    Thanks for reply.
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    You may have Intel HD 3000 video in your laptop. I don't think it has Transform and Lighting (TnL) that Raven Shield uses.

    From another gamming site:
    "The HD 3000 in the Core i5 and i7's is a wonderful integrated solution that plays many modern games without a hitch. It simply lacks the TnL

    You can edit an ini file and set:


    I don't know if it will help but it is easy to try.
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