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    is there more than 1 strategy??

    Seems to me there is only one strategy run out and try to get the opponents asap or lose to much larger armies soon after, there has to be another way?? I played 1 and 2 and I know i'm bad but at least I could win in easy mode.

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    No. Only the pursuit of the enemy. Back and forth. This is the main occupation.
    I'm disappointed with this game
    Very beautiful graphics and music, but the total absence of STRATEGIC GAMES
    I still play in HOMM 3.

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    No, there is no more than one.

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    Actually i have found that there are key moves. If you dont make the key moves at the appropriate time you will be faced with huge armies that will wipe you out. In the first week of the game I focus on income first, get town to rank three or at least two and then buy marketplace. Get a second hero in week two to get a small boost in your army and use the empty hero for boosting town abilities or collecting stray piles and widening map. From there you have to figure out which town or fort you have to get first to keep the enemy at bay. Also preserving your troops is paramount. If you cant keep losses to zero or minimal you will be vastly handicapped.

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