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    [REL] Office Posters

    These are 80 files that replace the art pinup on the left side shelves and the three ship identification posters on the right side wall in the office. It's intended to be used with my SH4 Randomizer program so you can have a new set of images whenever you want.

    The images in this set are random art pinups from my Captain's Desk Photos mods, and selected U.S. WWII propaganda posters. Images have been resized and cropped to fit in the allotted space of a copy of, used as a base image. Some images may be post-war. You can use the included thumbnail file to see which images are in each file, especially if you don't have a DDS viewer.

    I created this because I was tired of seeing the same images all the time in the office. I also wanted to do something about the IJN Carriers poster, which includes the Taiho, a ship which wasn't commissioned until 1944, and had a service life of about three months!

    To install, just extract directly into the "Office Posters" folder created by the SH4 Randomizer. Then run the SH4 Randomizer program to have it select a file to use. There is one propaganda poster used in every third file, which also has the letter "p" added to the filename. The SH4 Randomizer program will tell you which file it used, so if you don't want to see one of these before they should be "available" (starting a career before or just after Pearl Harbor for instance), just run that part of the program again until you get one without a "p." To use the files without the randomizer program, you'll need to pick which one you want to use, rename to the appropriate filename, then copy/move to the "Data\Textures\TNormal\tex" folder.

    SPECIAL NOTE: This mod is ONLY intended to be used if you have "Texture Quality High" checked in the "Options\Graphic Settings" of the game. If this is not checked, you will not see the new images when playing. I chose to do a high resolution only version because it's what the overwhelming majority of players use, and thus not worth the hassle to try to include two versions. Also, a few of the propaganda posters are VERY not "politically correct" in today's worldview. If these bother you, delete them.

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    Download from Mediafire:

    Download from's download area (requires free registration) under the Pinups section of Graphic Mods.


    Office Posters Set 1

    Office Posters Set 2

    Office Posters Set 3

    Office Posters Set 4

    Office Posters Set 5

    Office Posters Set 6
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    Thanks for the hard work.
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    Thanks for all you do Fred. Hope you get lots of downloads for your nice work.

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