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    Uplay E3 Contest

    I submitted my entry last night, but there was no way to switch between US and UK on the registration. It was stuck in the UK contest rules. Is my submission still okay? I noticed an earlier thread with the same issue.

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    Okay just found the correct US contest rules and submitted. Hopefully I don't get in trouble for sending it in twice on accident.

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    Glad you found the correct location! I don't have details on the contest or if that will change anything, but best of luck to you!!

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    Apparently it didn't work because my video never got posted. There goes all my hard work. Well good luck to the other contestants.

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    I'm not sure why your video did not get throuhg on Friday, but I just did a second pass on all the videos submitted and added yours to the correct playlist before sending the list to our jury. So it's all good

    Thanks a lot for your submission, it must indeed have been a lot of hard work!

    Mathieu - Uplay Community Developer

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    Thank you so much. I saw it posted in the correct contest yesterday. Good luck to everyone who submitted. There are a ton of great videos.

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