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    Nov 2003
    We did have a fun year didn't we?

    Congrats on the good job and thanks for the memories, et.

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    That's wonderful, et. You must have been taking notes all year. And you really have a way with words.


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    Lol. Great as always. Funny how I forgot some of those things...

    "Don't look before you leap. It'll ruin the surprise"


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    Talking Turkey

    With the USians tying Thanksgiving to Christmas instead of harvest time, there was a lot of talk about turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings. Kiz, was also invited to her very first Thanksgiving dinner.

    I didn't know that. From our part of the US, Thanksgiving is still linked to the pioneer harvest celebrations. Not a religeous holiday as Christmas is (was supposed to be).

    I liked the news letter et. Short articles and topical for the year past.

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    Too cool Et

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    Great job et, your usual flair and understatements. And least we forget, all those contributing to help make Happenings as charming as it was from the first issue.

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    lol, al with a santa hat :verryhappy:

    I wish they left the old smiley shortcuts the way they were

    B'tsahv tsavahn, b'khen shoo f'mehros.

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    Great job Et!

    Don't try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.

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    Wow, it was so...nostalgic!
    ET, you ROCK!


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    Great read Et

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