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    Gunsmith Issues

    I've noticed 2 issues so far with Gunsmith. If you tab away from it while it is loading, the screen never makes it into main scene (is "run in background" enabled for the webplayer?). The 2nd is the log in section of Gunsmith. For one this shouldn't even be needed, you can pass in the already filled out log in details from the webpage to the unity player, but if you are going to do it in the unity player then the password field is not set to being a password field, meaning you can see what is typed into the text field, and secondly the actual login seems to hang, I'm getting the following error in the network console x2:

    POST 580 (OK)

    This issue has been experienced every time I have tried it in Chrome. In IE I was able to log in first time from the webplayer.

    Chrome version 18.0.1025.162 m
    IE version 9.0.8112.16421

    OS: Windows 7
    Unity Player Version: ​

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    Thanks for your feedback, for issues you can email GRN support

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