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    Quote Originally Posted by ronster2011 View Post
    ... Heavey Truck (FC2) ...
    Hahahah You are soooo funny))
    It's a ГАЗ 53. Soviet truck of Горьковский Авто Завод (Gorky Automobile Plant)

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    I don't know what it is.... But I want to blow it up

    Quote Originally Posted by DapperHayden View Post
    I asked Far Cry Game a question on twitter which some of you may have seen already, Anyway, it looks like it may put a smile on some of your "miserable" faces (I am joking, you guys aren't miserable hehe)

    Is it the parachute? nah can't be.....They have confirmed it

    Could it be the flying lawnmower aka gyrocopter? Dropping Molotov coktails dealing death from above?

    Or somthing else? The statement implies they will not release it at E3 either....
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    [QUOTE=steve133d;8290838]Here's my guess....


    Hahaha nice

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    I think an engined glider at an airbase would be pretty cool! You would have to watch your fuel bar though,because if you ran out before landing and refueling,you would have to glide down to a safe place to land. I think it would be pretty cool if they had armoured vehicles and helicopters in map editor too. Below is an image of an engined hang glider.


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    an engined hang glider would really be great.

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