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    Quote Originally Posted by Rover1979 View Post
    just woundering what u guys r using for amps outside of rocksmith ?

    i picked this up a couple days ago,
    While I'm thinking about it what amp is this?

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    Senior Member C.Linton's Avatar
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    Fender Super Champ XD. Hybrid tube/SS amp with a bunch of nifty amp models, some ok effects. Really nice overall tone. ( because of the tubes)
    EDIT: Just wanted to add, though there about 16 different special effects, I only really use the reverb, the rest are strictly used only when I'm screwing around. Not big effects guy.
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    Peavy Vypyr 15. $60 pawn shop kill, practically brand new!

    Also a Vox Amplug Classic Rock for headphone mode.

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    EVH 5150II is my primary amp


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    Quote Originally Posted by dougoberle View Post
    pre CBS Fender Twin Reverb with JBLs.
    Why would you ruin that amp with JBL's? JBL's sound terrible in a amp, especially a twin reverb. Got pics of it?

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    For my live rig I use fender roc pro 1000 heads and marhsall 4x12's loaded with 35 w speakers. I put the cabs side by side instead of stacked on stage. the cabs are smaller than the 1960a/b cabs but they sound tighter to me and are only 140 watts. I also use a fender ultimate chorus for my clean tones and a whirlwind a/b/y switch. I use boss pedals (super chorus, flanger, super phaser, delay, comp/sustainer, eq), a tube screamer, dunlop cry baby wah and high gain volume pedal, digitech xp -100 whammy/wah and the good old boss tu-2. At home I use an old black m-80 212 and a pod xt live. I used to use the pod xt in my live rig, but it is a pain in the ass to set the levels all correct and it is just easier for me to get my tones on the fly with what I have in my pedal board.

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    Marshall JMP 1 1 watt tube amp....lovely!

    I also have a micro cube, Mustang 2 and a 1 watt blackstar HT1. Really need to thin them out a bit.

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    Fender Princeton. I have a little Fender practice amp upstairs next to the couch so I can plug in and practice during commercials


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    I have owned several amps over the last few years, but sold most of them and now only have two practice amps. Fender Mustang I, and a Yamaha THR10. And I have to say for a practice amp the Yamaha is probably the best sounding amp I have ever owned. I have finally found an amp I am happy with.

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    Line 6 Spider IV 75

    And a MkII Shortboard for it

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