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    Whenever I try to use Gunsmith on GRN on my computer it always says Error Launching Unity Player. And when I click on Error Details a screen comes up and says Bad File Length. Can anyone help?

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    I get a “Error loading Unity player- Bad file length” when trying to access GunSmith. Why and what can I do?

    Our GunSmith Web is comprised of a lot of weapons in 3D. As such, is a big file (around 100MB) to download for the first time. In some cases depending on the performance of your connection, it may take too long to download for your browser, and this will result in this error.

    Possible fixes are :
    - If you are using a Wi fi connection, try to hook up with a network cable to your router to improve the bandwidth.
    - Close down all other programs running at the same time, especially the ones that are network intensive such as home streaming services or P2P clients.
    - Check your proxy settings and try to establish a direct connection to the site.
    - Or try GunSmith web from a different connection.

    Main resource for fixes can be found here :

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