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Valley of the Yetis Walkthrough ? Far Cry 4 [UK]

Valley of the Yetis Gameplay trailer ? Far Cry 4 [UK]

Escape from Durgesh Prison Walkthrough | Far Cry 4 [UK]

CGI Launch Trailer | Far Cry 4 [PSN] [UK]

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    Well I don't hate anybody, I do believe that modesty is very important in earning respect amongst your peers & therfore you would be taken more seriously. I create quality maps (Xbox 360) & put a lot of effort into them so in the end I really hope my maps speak for themselves. The devs are taking the community very serious so I'm not too worried about the end result & I'll continue to try & create quality maps in FC3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaycam1972 View Post
    The devs are taking the community very serious

    ^^ This

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    Quote Originally Posted by DECEPTION4 View Post
    hahaha keep hating i love it thats what makes me better than most.i turn your hate into good maps and stay proud of myself,think about it who else is going to...remember its never to late to lose the hate(=THANKS FOR THE GOOD COMMENTS
    No one hates you here. Hate is too strong of a word. Your ignorance and arrogance just amuses us

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    Seriously serious

    Everyone needs to realize that im not your enemy i just happen to be a very talented individual that CAN make EVEN a bad *** game like farcry 3 way better i know so heres an example,if i was ubisoft i would have started a business off the map editor(there are many ways) already and have gathered map editors from the last game with years of experience to tell of encountered probems in the previous editor and ways of improving it...seriously test my maps then realize i built them in a fraction of the time of most others and they are all high quality.THANKS FOR READING(=
    D.G.A.F'n all day long!!

    Hi im DECEPTION4, im a very DETERMINED GAMER on a mission to unite all farcry map makers IN GAME--- find me on FARCRY2/X-BOX hosting TDM[FONT WITH 20 HIGHLY DETAILED FAST PACED FUN MAPS there are now 18+map makers in my group who are all active farcry2 mappers

    Im not a sensitive person so please leave feed-back i:

    my lobbys fill quickly so dont hesitate to join--please be respectful teamkilling AND unnecessary voting will get you BANNED!!

    #1 positivity & respect
    #2host other members maps as often as possible
    #3place a short message about MMU on your profile or bio
    #4HAVE FUN
    hit me up if u LIKE the idea and i will then down-load all your MAPS

    the choice is yours


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    Quote Originally Posted by DECEPTION4 View Post
    Everyone needs to realize that im not your enemy
    You need to realize that no one here ever said you were the enemy.

    You just came in with all that 'Holier than thou' cr*p, and we weren't going to buy into it, that's all.

    There's plenty of extremely talented people on this website, they're all just a little more modest about it.

    This thread has gotten a little ridiculous anyway...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DECEPTION4 View Post
    if i was ubisoft i would have started a business off the map editor(there are many ways)=
    Before FC2 was even announced there were some Ubisoft feedback forums where 20 people were invited in to discuss making the perfect shooter, no one was allowed to mention the word Far Cry.

    I think maybe 14 people turned up and within a month a handful left, this went on for maybe 8 months but we got little to no feedback, we were hoping we would get someone saying this is a good idea can you expand on it.

    Anyway i mzeeEVIL1 came up with an idea for Ubisoft to release a stand alone Editor on a disc that would possibly work with games like Far Cry / Ghost Recon and other games, companies could maybe buy into using it for their games, basically you could use it and create maps that would then work with other games - The game in question would have its own items and game modes and stuff - It was a long time ago (maybe 4 or 5 years) so I can't remember the full story.

    Back then Genesis Device (gamermade now) were active with Far Cry and there were some really good ideas thrown around.
    It all got wrapped up and came to nothing - unless any of the info was kept for reference later.

    However some of the things in FC3 are things that have been discussed by people in the community, Ubisoft Massive have been listening, especially to our needs with the editor.
    But September will come around really quick, so it would be doubtful that any big changes would be implemented into a game at this stage - If you have some good ideas it could be an idea to get them written down and send them as a package to the right people and also post the ideas around some of the various Far Cry fan sites for feedback - It can't do any harm and might make it into FC4 (who knows)

    If the ideas are relating to the Editor itself or multi player then get in touch with Ubisoft Massive Sweden and pass over your info to them.
    As for the comments on best in the world and stuff, maybe - I just think it's a very bold statement in a Far Cry community that has had its ups and downs over the years, I am more into people sharing and helping and giving / sharing feedback - but you are welcome to your opinions and I guess there is no harm in confidence, but always be aware of the underdog because there will be maps out there by people that maybe have very little to 0 downloads and some of these will be as good as anything else out there.

    Also the developers are aware of glitches, getting under the map - item physics - pre patch / physics that only work for the host / elevators / water glitch and many other things related to the game.

    Don't underestimate them because I think they have been doing their homework with what the community want - but any new ideas are better than no ideas.

    PEACE - Keep On Mapping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UbiTimS View Post
    ^^ This
    Just noticed this on your tumblr profile!

    Haha! Made me crack right up!
    I AM LEGEND MOD: Coming Soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DapperHayden View Post
    Just noticed this on your tumblr profile!

    Haha! Made me crack right up!
    The faces have been swapped. Wonder if the buried guy is a key caracter or just a random one

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    Thats brilliant!

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    I think the guys comments who made that pic above are hilarious.
    Kane and Lynch: Far Cry 3by ~JSLynch

    I decided to mix together three of my favorite characters: Kane, Lynch and Vaas.I didn't put much effort into it, and i just wanted to see what would such character look like, and now that i see, i think he looks like an *******.

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