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    Ubi should stop being so arrogant.

    They wont be so smug when the kids jump ship
    For halo/cod etc.the fans there alienating would have
    Kept the game alive buying dlc etc like they did with previous graws.

    Very silly move by them imo.

    Im not gonna boycot the game but 99% of my
    Friends are.never known anything like it.
    What a waste

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    I hate to say it but I think this will be the last gr console game. I watched the socom series go up in flames with the major overhaul and it seems to me that the once proud fanbase of gr being left behind. I know how it feels to have such a loved franchise that youve spent hundreds of dollars onand thousands of hrs. im going back to my ps2 I find better gameplay and more content on the previous generation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush View Post
    I've heard back, there’s currently no planned support for additional user configurable options in private matches, other than Map, Gametype, and Duration.
    Could you confirm that Ubisoft did not intend to allow both fans and new players to customize the parties.

    It is a matter of survival for this new game!

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    I for one will get the game a few months down the line when it's in the bargin bin at my local retailer. I give about 3 to 6 months before the price drops considerably (just like Brink), then I pick it up dirt cheap for the single player & coop.

    It's because of development decisions like this, the reason why I'm starting to play more games on PC again. I don't even think I will buy the next gen of consoles, because of these new trends of developing.

    The one game I'm SO looking forward to is the new Arma 3 game! This game is what the Socom, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Operation Flashpoint should have been and more, it's just such a shame that consoles won't be able to run the game. you'll be able to CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING, and even recreate many of the single player missions from the games mentioned above!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyStrong View Post
    for public games i don't think they should be customizable. I should be able to hop into quick match and expect common rules each time. I shouldn't have to investigate all of the match settings to find out what kind of game it is.
    that's what ghost recon is, well, use to be. That's was it was loved by so many...

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    Quote Originally Posted by woofy021282 View Post
    So what I hear is a bunch of people that sound like whining 13 year olds.

    Competition sites will still use the game. For one the mechanisms aren't so broke that they totally alter the game to a state of unplayability. You get one grenade or two sensor grenades, not multiples of each type. The UAVs can easily be shot down by a monkey with two fingers on each hand. Competitions will simply use the rules set up in game as their base rule set. They aren't going to cancel tournaments and leagues just because you can't take out one frag. That is just stupid and immature to even suggest that.

    Unlike other TC games where you could have two frags and two incendiaries, motion sensors that could lag the entire server out, it is not nearly as vital in this game to be able to limit grenades etc. If you can't handle one frag per life, you suck at the game and probably shouldn't pick it up. If you can't handle a new strategy avenue that intel provides, then again don't buy the game. It is not a broken mechanic, but a new one, which I know freaks out all the previous games players who have pride in how l337 they are at being able to set up a game that plays directly according to their personal ability, and then limits everyone else so that the hosts can feel better at the game then they really are. I know it is scary to have to deal with multiple strategies and multiple game mechanics and not be able to force the game to play according to your god-like whims. But I applaud them for not allowing whining power tripping pansies to simply manipulate gameplay for their own pride and ego.

    Again if every person who posted on this forum, plus 10 of their friends boycotted the game... the game would still sell great and make boocoos of cash. I just love getting on these things and hearing people who sound like (again "sounds like" not saying this is the actual case) sound like they have never heard the word "no" before. "Mommy I want candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner!" "Ok dear because you are obviously the most important person in the whole world." Man lots of whining and angst over something that really isn't that big of deal. Yes it would be a nice addition if the game allowed people who can't play with all the game mechanics active, to limit the game to fit their personal whims so they can feel good about themselves. But if not, learn to play with the strategies provided by the game or simply don't buy the game. Go play COD, or BF3. Or go play one of the old TC games and remember the good ole days when you were king. Gamers are just so whiny it frustrates me. Chances are Ubisoft would have to have at least tens of thousands of responses before they would even think about putting the money and time into making that major of a fix.

    But for the record... if they deem to add in the option to personalize private servers then great. But this is by no means a deal breaker like some of these emo special-ed kids are making it sound. There is a way to ask for something, without sounding like you are demanding it... as if it were your right. I only read a few posts that were genuine requests for this option to be added, as opposed to caffeine fueled rage rants, written in the attempt to manipulate a game company to meet your every demand. Like it's not even the request to add in the extra options that bother me, but the attitude of the immature (regardless of age) freaks that rage-post about it.
    you made it way to obvious that this is your first ghost recon title lmao.

    bf3 is more tactical then grfs lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush View Post
    I've heard back, there’s currently no planned support for additional user configurable options in private matches, other than Map, Gametype, and Duration.
    What a stupid decision!!!

    As my grandad once said "never trust a man who has long hair", shame on you Tommy Jacob.....

    The more information I'm finding out about this game, the more I'm becoming disappointed. Small maps, no customisation, hacking abuse, crap gamemodes (conflict/decoy), Xbox favouritism, I'm enjoying the beta but I worry how much me and my clan will play after release as it isn't a patch on Socom Con or GRAW2 at the minute, Hopefully Ubisoft has got some wondrous DLC packs to make up for their mistakes...

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    Over or under 4 months before Tommy Jacob is canned?

    Ubisoft better fire leadership over the blunder that's about to be, and not the hundreds of worker bees working at Red Storm. This is strictly a leadership problem. Shyt always rolls downhill.

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    UBISOFT , please provide us with why this was left out.

    thank you

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    I shall be getting this game when it's around £20, I don't want developers to profit off stupid design choices and lack of interaction with their fans.
    No customization in private matches? Seriously?...

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