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    EXTREMELY strange problem, can't connect to my friends game! (There's more to it)


    First of all I wanna say that heroes 6 is really a good game!

    Now to my problem... Me and my friend want to play together, and I made a server. He couldn't connect, so I thought "Ok, maybe I just can't make games!", but then some randoms join and leave and, well I thought "Well, maybe my friend just can't join!". Then he tried to make a server and it was the same, couldn't connect to server...

    Now to the strange thing, I then joined a random server and my friend couldn't join, but when I left he could join but I couldn't... What's up with that? It's as if the game ain't big enough for both of us or something!

    Please oh PLEASE tell me that someone has a solution to this! We both have version 1.3.0, we have tried this with and without firewalls, we have tried to exit skype (dunno why that would make a difference)... But it's so strange that I can join a server at first and he can't, and when I leave that server he can join it but I can't get back into it until he leaves...

    Thanks in advance!

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