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    Rayman Legends confirmed

    Ubisoft is confirmed that new Rayman game is in development. New game will be named Rayman Legends.!/RaymanGame/st...29752857608192
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    Seen the leaked trailer now.

    This game will be amazing! It's Rayman Origins style gameplay with even more eyecandy and even crazier characters.

    The WiiU feels more like a gimmick to me, or at least for now. I'd get either the Xbox 360 or PC version!
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    The Wii U is a next Generation console. SO It may be Possible to at least try it on Wii U.
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    I saw already,i really like to see more information about this Viking Girl.
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    Not super keen on the style of the shading of this game, liked the more blocky cartoony shading in Origins better than this soft-shading style... But otherwise it looks cool.
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