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    iPhone network app

    Plz let iPhone users get the app asap

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    It will be available on iOs close to game launch. There is information about it here.

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    Will that also be true for users of the iPad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilPixieGrrr View Post
    It will be available on iOs close to game launch.
    How close do you call "close"...???

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICEMAN069 View Post
    How close do you call "close"...???

    Kinda like the Ghost Recon Commander facebook game.. It will be out before the game launches.. Like 1 hour before...

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    Still waiting. Lol. Darn iPhones.

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    Can we get more information about the release date of the Iphone app?

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    Any idea when you guys will fix the Glitched 'Single Player Master" achievement in GRAW 2?
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    So where is the app?? Game Launches tommorro the 22nd MAY??

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    I'm wondering the same thing... I am picking up my copy of the game at 12:01AM Tuesday morning. Will I have the GR network app for my IPhone?

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