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    About how many active users?

    I've been considering getting Cliffs of Dover for a while now, but I don't really want to pay $50 for a possibly dead game. My main concern is it doesn't even reach Steam's top 100, which goes down to about 300 daily users. So if anyone minds taking some time and posting about the average amount of active players? Much appreciated.

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    I don't know how many active users there are at the moment, online or offline, but that should increase dramatically when the performance/graphic patch is released. It is possible you could be buying a sim that fails, but the developers are still working on the sim so there is still hope. If you are a WW2 aircombat enthusiast its a must buy, the investment is small considering the possible return. If you are aware of the history of the first IL-2 series, this new series has the potential to be far greater in content and active users.

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    behind your six
    I have bought this sim in the beginning. Was a long time away from this forum and game. I see
    now that the patch is still away....

    But i will playing it again when the patch is arrived.

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    That looks like a $13 saving, not $13 total cost.

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    No, it's a 75% discount offer from full retail price. $12.75 plus postage; US only.

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    Don't know how I misread that, looks like you're right

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    DOH! I knew I should have waited longer to pull the trigger on CLoD

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    Biggist ripoff I've ever seen.

    It's only $80 (that;s right, EIGHTY dollars) on amazon dot ca.


    You'd only get us once because the canuck price would you give a heart attack.
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