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    Gunsmith Platfrom Problem

    I've been trying to use the Gunsmith Online with my PS3 guns and for some reason it always uts me on 360 which is no use to me. I do own a 360 but play GRFS on PS3. Anyone know what to do?

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    It may be because you haven't linked your PS3 to Uplay, in the beta, you can only link your console from the pop-up Uplay screens that appear when you launch the beta – make sure to complete this process if you want to access the GRN.

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    I'm not sure that i did that when i started the beta.. When i try to access the GRN through the web, the link for xbox 360 in Choose Your Platform isn't working. What should i do?Cheers
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    i have linked the beta to my uplay and it works now thanks guys now if alone they would fix Gunsmith on here

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    Which features of the GunSmith Gallery will be available during the beta ? How does it compare with the features available near GRFS final launch on May 22nd ?

    Accessible all the time
    GunSmith Free mode – try out weapons and their entire attachments sets to make your own unique weapon. Weapons cannot be synced to your console. Note : new weapons will be published regularlyin GunSmith free mode from beta till launch
    GunSmith Gallery (coming soon) – post your unique weapons for everyone to see, or find a weapon you like created by others
    Community news in Ghost Feed – get updates from the GRFS community from your main menu
    Heatmaps – check them
    Accessible only during beta (April 19th till end of April)
    GunSmith Sync mode – customize your weapon anywhere, and sync it to your console

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