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    My Beta Key Wont Work

    okay ive sent in 3 tickets asking when I will get my new beta key so I can play ghost recon online. i really want to play, when and how long does it take to send out a new beta key. cause mine is messed up

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    are you copy and pasting it? i tried to copy and paste mine and it didnt work so i wrote it down and typed it in and it worked. now if i could only get the launcher to work...

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    Most of the time, after we've confirmed that you need one, we can get you a new key pretty much right away. Although recently, there was a mix up with a batch of keys which is taking a bit longer to resolve. Really all you can do is send a ticket with your key and we'll look at it, see what the deal is, and make sure you have a valid key absolutely as quickly as we can. You should hear from us within 48 hours (usually much less) of submitting a ticket either way.

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    I believe I may have been provided a PC key via e-mail, and I'm a PS3 user. I followed the instructions via the e-mail, and it forwards me on to download via Microsoft Launcher.

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    durgent, it sounds like you may be on the forums for the wrong game. Ghost Recon Online = PC-only free to play. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a completely different game for Xbox 360 and PS3. You get a Future Soldier key by pre-ordering from Gamestop. If you have a GRO key, you must have applied for one separately on our website. Hope this clears up the situation a bit, it has been a bit confusing for some people.

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