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    Assassin's Creed Crossroads: Unfulfilled Concepts

    These are some merchandise concepts that never made it past the drawing board (due to design flaws or high costs), a few of them were revised into what we have today. Full website with short description for each concept:

    AC chest with rotating lock
    AC Crossroads CE
    Animus Edition concept with motorized lock
    Encyclopedia display case with lights and motorized lock
    AC Bookends
    RC Ezio - Parachute and Flying Machine
    Bonus Materials DVDs
    Chess Set
    AC Crossroads Red Edition
    AC Crossroads Animus Edition
    Ezio's AC2 vambrace replica
    AC chest with rotating lock + chess set

    Other links:

    If you've seen these before, what did you think then and now? If this is your first time seeing these, what do you think?
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    I think these should have been made, and what was crossroads? A game? A collection of the games? A book? A short film (a la Embers)? Or a simple making of edition?
    EDIT: Actually I think it was the working name for ACR.
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    I'm surprised they didn't release it. I think it would have sold well.
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    Sad people
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    I click the links and it says page not found
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    I'm sorry, but the images were removed yesterday. Dave Delisle explains on his site:

    I did not design or conceive this idea, another artist did (images since removed – Lawyers got to him too. They have way too much time on their hands). I was tasked with making a 3D version and animating it for demonstration. Basically it was a motorized display case that contained an Encyclopedia and a video game. The case had a glass top and numerous LED lights all over.
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