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    Does anyone else build sets like this?

    I'm curious if most of you do this or not, but when I'm building a setlist, I try to pick songs with similar vocalist styles (exception being an oddball song for the set that I can sing and play at the same time). I dunno, I guess it just adds a bit more realism for me.
    So for example, with the upcoming police pack, I dunno what other songs I'd run alongside any Police songs, since I can't think of any vocalists on current songs that sound similar to Sting. So yeah, anyone else do this, or am I just crazy?

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    If I build a set list, it's only on paper and then I'll go through those working on them so on and so forth. I don't really worry about the vocal similarities or differences though, sorry.

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    I try to build lists that go slow fast slow alternating so I can get a challenge.

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    I definently create setlists based on genre. If I'm doing a "Rock" set it might be Priest, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP etc. I'll never put B.B. King and Judas Priest on the same set. Just my way of "keepin' it real"

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    I usually just play individual songs. But Zuma showed me the trick where you can put the song of the week in your setlist and then you can just filter instead of scolling a thousand miles to "We share the same skies", and so now I only really build setlists to make certain songs more easily accessible via the event filter.

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    Off topic but I sometimes make MP3 playlists based on themes. Like "Wolf" full of songs referencing the moon, Blue Moon, Dancing in the Moonlight, Bark at the Moon etc.. Or "Witch" about bad women. Dark Lady, Witchy Woman, Evil Woman. I wind up with some fun playlists.

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    I sort M&Ms by color before eating them. Does that count?

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