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    Unable to play multiplayer in 1.3 Steam to non-steam copy. Out of Sync ect.

    So, here is my issue;
    I bough the steam copy of the game during the disscount, Seemd great. Worked just fine to play with others have a steam copy as well. (tested)
    My friend bough a copy in the store and installed. We manage to find each others games and all, but it does tell us that our versions are different.

    We are able to join each other games if we "tweak" it a bit, however, at the first change of day, the game will go out of sync and dissconnect us both.
    We are however able to do duels, but not multiplayer standard maps.
    We get told that our maps "are different", and that the "host is on a different version".

    This is a major issue really. I'm not even sure how to fix this.

    We both use the version 1.3, the only differecene is that i use a steam copy, and he dosn't.

    Anyone got a recommendation on how to fix this?

    Would love ot hear ._.
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    Does steam version use Uplay?
    if yes you could try to install game from your friend dvd and log on your account. This should give you possibility to play with him

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    Have you opened a ticket with technical support? You can do this by clicking on the link in my signature.

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